4 Filters in Your Home You Must Clean Regularly

4 Filters in Your Home You Must Clean Regularly

Is your vacuum not clearing up the dust enough? Or is your dryer still leaving out the moisture in your clothes and not drying as well as it ideally should? Or is the air coming from your air filters and air conditioners feeling a little dusty? These are all essentially signs of clogged filters that demand an immediate change or cleansing at the least.

In any regular household, you would usually find that there are about eight to ten common filters attached to or installed within appliances and electronics which we use almost daily. These include appliances such as fridges, air-conditioners, water purifiers, humidifiers, heaters, etc.

When you try to make a list of how many filters does a house have it is not extensive and can be summarized simply by checking the appliances placed or installed in your home. Each appliance has a filter that would require regular cleaning and upkeep – something that can be easily managed by homeowners themselves without the need for any sort of professional assistance. In fact, most user manuals also list down the steps on how to remove a filter from the said device and place it back in after cleansing. 

Today, we will be talking about five main filters of devices and appliances that are frequently used, which you must keep checking for maintenance purposes in order to live a healthier, and safer lifestyle.

Air Conditioner Filter

Thanks to technology advancements by the years, most air conditioners now come with an automatic indicator that alerts users to when its filter needs changing, or when the gas is low. That’s right, there are still older models of air conditioners in the market that do not signal the user, and hence it becomes a manual task. But with smart technology, especially like that of smart thermostats, users can get instant alerts directly to their smart devices. 

Check the filters of your air conditioners at least once a month, or once every two months. This can be subjective to where you live, as well as the usage of the air conditioner in your house. When it comes down to the cleaning of the filter, it is fairly easy. Make use of your vacuum’s upholstery brush to get rid of heavy dirt, and wash the filter after with some dishwashing liquid and warm water. Wait until it’s completely dry to insert it back into the appliance.

Washing Machine & Dryer

In most homes, the washing machine and the dryer are a two-in-one appliance. However, the two are also available as different appliances. Depending on the use at your house, we would recommend you regularly check and clean both their filters.

An uncleaned lint filter can accumulate dust, threads, and also increase the washing or drying time. It can even cause more buildup in the duct of the appliance, causing long-term machinery problems if not cleaned on the regular.

For adequate maintenance of your washing machine and dryer, it’s important to clean the lint filters, and also to regularly check the cabinet and duct every few weeks.

Humidifier or Dehumidifier

This one’s often easy to forget as its usage is more periodic, and very much dependent on where you live.

The good part is, maintenance of a humidifier or a dehumidifier is easier than most appliances generally. Most filters are mentioned in the user manual guide and if you do not have that on you, a simple Google search will also do the trick!

Cleaning the filters of the two respective devices directly impacts the air quality you are inhaling, especially when humidity is above 50% as that can lead to dust mites, and mold growth within your home.

Microwave Oven

Countertop ovens or microwaves don’t have filters that need attention – over-the-range ones do!

There is one filter attached to the gas chamber of your microwave oven and if grease has built up there over time, it will not exhaust the appliance as it ideally should. The leftover fumes can spread into the air, and cause cough or even mild breathing problems over time. So make sure to check out the guide that comes with your model. Locate the filters, and make it a once-a-month habit to clean those too. Simple washing with warm water, soap, or a mild dishwashing liquid would be good enough.


If you’re still wondering how many filters your home has, with all the devices and appliances installed, you can begin by listing down the appliances and electronics that are present at your home. Once that is done, a simple internet search can help guide you on which appliances and electronics have filters, as well as how to locate the filters in each of those items at your home – unless you haven’t tossed out the user manuals which is great, and you can get going from there. Good luck!


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